Book Review: “The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World’s First Fitness Superhero” by Addison Coleman

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Most books designed for children advocate some type of message. Usually it’s something that they can learn a life’s lesson from. Often the lesson is of a right versus wrong nature, or a life’s value. “The Adventures of Captain Pump” lends itself to those values as well, however it goes further and beyond this. It actually offers a life of health, fitness and well-being that could very well stay with the recipient forever.

Written in super hero form by fitness expert Jasson Finney, “Captain Pump” is an unlikely hero. He begins as George, the school janitor. George has the wish and desire to teach children had to stay fit, only he can’t find a way to do it. Suddenly one day a tiny fitness dynamo pops out of a magic comic book and Captain Pump is born, the adventure begins.

The book has elements of adventure, excitement, villainess characters, and elements of humor. The outstanding fact is that Captain Pump is the world’s first fitness superhero, a unique and progressive concept. The author Jasson Finney has been helping people stay fit for years as a personal trainer. Finney has made Pumpland come to life where children experience Captain Pump’s efforts to ward off villains who get in the way of leading a healthy existence.


The book is cleverly written and formatted with excellent illustrations. A love and trust for Captain Pump is quickly formulated. It’s easy to read and understand with a sense of adventure sure to interest any child in today’s superhero climate. Hats off to the author for his innovative idea.

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4/5 Stars

New in the Universe of Jimmy Star by Eileen Shapiro

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For years I’ve followed the career with which Jimmy Star has lit up our culture. It’s not just that his name is “star” … it’s that he actually has become one. The glow of his achievements keeps brightening as they expand – like his latest venture, which I’m viewing through my own, personal telescope right now.

Jimmy is most widely known as the host of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, which he shares with his husband, Ron Russell. It’s now the #1 web TV/radio show in the world with over 4.5 million weekly listeners/viewers. Kred recently cited Jimmy as the 5th most influential radio personality in the world.


But the guy is as multi-faceted as the trail of a blazing comet. In addition to being a radio/TV host, he’s an actor, writer, clothing designer and publicist. Check out Amazon’s “Jimmy Star” page and you’ll see that he has authored and co-authored 16 books and counting … including his latest work which I’m here to tell you about today.

Jimmy Star is one of the select co-authors whose essays comprise The CHANGE (vol. 16) Insights into Self Empowerment. It’s a special group of leaders in their fields and Jimmy is now officially part of it.

Before you learn about his chapter, you need to understand the significance of the books. It was only a few years ago, that The CHANGE became the fastest-growing book series in the world and for good reason: it offers real wisdom from the varied co-authors it has engaged. The entire series is available from Amazon but you’ll also find volume 16 in the listings for books by Jimmy.

The CHANGE was founded by entrepreneurs and business leadership gurus, Jim Britt (
and Jim Lutes ( Britt, the author of numerous best-selling books and programs, was recently named as one of the top 20 living success coaches and is a keynote speaker for diverse audiences. Lutes is known for his branded form of human performance teaching and for his trainings on personal growth and subconscious programming.

The concept of The CHANGE is to compile into one convenient place the accumulated wisdom of noted experts in their fields. Each volume of the series becomes a source of diverse knowledge with valuable insights to offer readers.

I’d known about these books from my interviews with Mike Greenly ( I’ve interviewed Mike several times because of his songwriting successes. He’s the author of Virginia’s new state anthem, for example, and has written four Billboard #1-charting Dance Club hits along with a broad collection of dance, choral, country and pop songs.

Mike is a former Fortune 500 marketing & communications VP and has contributed three chapters to the series and co-authored a fourth. His chapter in The CHANGE (vol. 8) tells how he conquered “stage fright.” That victory was essential to his rise within the sales and motivational culture of Avon Products where he became the youngest VP appointed since the company began in 1886.

Even major celebrities have been known to suffer from on-stage panic – including such famous performers as Barbra Streisand, Adele, Lady Gaga and many more. Mike uses his experience to help today’s executives … not just as a speech coach but also as a freelance speechwriter, video scripter, PowerPoint creator and all-around “ghost writer.”

His promise to his clients is to “Sound like yourself … only better!” If you check out any of his chapters in The Change, you’ll see that Mike knows what he’s talking about. (He’s in volumes 8, 14, 15 and 16 of the series.)

Another very special co-author in book 16 is Erin McDonnell ( Bravely and honestly, she shares her story of “Overcoming Eating Disorders and Depression.” I was moved by her chapter and I believe it will prove helpful to many readers battling the problems Erin has faced.

I was already aware of her father, John McDonnell (, a highly respected global leader in the beverage alcohol industry. I’ve interviewed him, too, and remain impressed by his accomplishments. His chapter in volume 14 is titled “The Quest for What’s ‘Real’ in a Virtual Age” with shrewd observations about our digitized “virtual” culture.

John’s chapter offers insights into the way the digitization of our lives and communications is dramatically changing our lives. He’s also a published author for Forbes. On top of handling the responsibilities that have taken him around the world to over 140 countries, he’s known as an effective Guest Speaker for business, academic and other audiences. You can find a video of John’s TEDx talk online. One thing that sets him apart as a speaker is the “authenticity” you feel when you hear him. John McDonnell has learned a lot and he tells it like it is.

Do you see what I mean about the community of influencers that Jimmy Star is now a part of? I’ll mention a few more to help you appreciate the genius of the concept: books that get experts to share their knowledge and help others.

More examples …

Chris Keaton ( Many consider him the best Country music “song plugger” in all of Nashville. His chapter in vol. 14 is “Lessons Learned From My Music Industry Success”. The accumulated lessons from Chris’s career apply to much more than just the music business. It’s an interesting read.

In vol. 15, you’ll find a touching chapter from Curtis Urbina ( , another well-regarded music executive who became a local hero in Newtown, CT, during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012. Anyone going through trauma might want to read what he shares in “Playing to Heal.”

In this volume, as well, you’ll find the remarkable story of author and guest speaker, Dr. Richard H. Jadick (, whose record as a wartime military physician in Iraq was the subject of a Newsweek cover story (“Hero MD”.) The magazine dubbed him, “the war’s most fearless doctor.” Dr. Jadick’s chapter is “Daring to Find New Solutions”. It encourages the same innovative thinking that helped him save lives when the USA was fighting in Iraq.

Two more impressive examples from vol. 15 —

The chapter from John Nouri ( — “Live Your Passion to Love Your Life” — urges the reader to follow his example: tenaciously pursue the dreams you really care about.
That’s what led John very happily to found “Octane Auctions” – a secure marketplace in which to buy and sell the world’s most unique and collectible cars. John Nouri is living his passion and he urges us all to strive to do so.

I found similar motivation in vol. 15’s “Following My Own Beat” from DJ & music producer, Tony Smith ( In 1976, Tony was cited by Billboard as one of the Top 10 DJs in the USA. Today he has his own show on Sirius XM Studio 54 radio — “Classic Beats and Rhythms” on channel 54.

Tony has produced a wealth of Billboard Dance Club hits and remixes, including a collection of #1’s. People hire him today to DJ at parties – business and personal. His reputation is stellar. He brings a vast music catalogue and an uncanny ability to “read” crowds and play the music they crave. Tony has become the expert he is by, like John Nouri, following the passion he discovered in his youth.

Now back to vol. 16 which includes Jimmy’s new chapter. Here are some of the other co-authors our “star” is featured with …

Jeff Metz ( contributed “People First – Always!” to vol. 16. He’s President and CEO of Metz Culinary Management, named one of the top 20 management companies in the U.S. by Food Management Magazine. Jeff writes compellingly about the philosophy of the family-owned business founded by his father, John. The company’s commitment to people and quality – treating employees, their client-partners and, in turn, all of their guests like “family” — has made his company a winner.

Russell Reich ( is an experiential marketing executive based in New York. He’s the publisher and co-author of all the books in the acclaimed Notes On series. His chapter, “How to Get Any Job You Want”, will be eagerly read by many.

Bill Holmes (
A marketing creative director and communications strategist, Bill contributed an amazing chapter to vol. 16, “How I Learned: the Value of ‘Adjusting’”. Beautifully and intimately, Bill tells us how he was forced to adjust to several personal adversities, starting as a boy. What he’s learned along the way has greatly enriched his life and could enrich ours.

Bill and Mike co-authored a separate chapter in vol. 16 – “The Power of Paying Attention”. Like the entire CHANGE series, it exemplifies the value one can receive by learning from the experts that The CHANGE series brings the world in 16 separate volumes.

Which brings me back to the wonderful new Jimmy Star chapter in The CHANGE (vol. 16.). Entitled “Secrets of Social Media Success”, it reveals the hard work and focused discipline that goes into mastering social media. Jimmy, of course, would be considered an expert, even if all you knew about him was that he hosts the #1 web TV/radio show in the world. But if you want to know more about how to harness social media to achieve your objectives, I can’t imagine a better teacher.

In closing I’ll note that my “valentine” to the phenomenal Jimmy Star ( – who shares his talents with the universe – is also an homage to the concept and execution of The CHANGE book series. These books make it possible for someone like me (and you, if you’re interested in continuing to learn and grow regardless of your age) to benefit from the brains and experience of bona fide experts in their fields.

While expanding his radiance and talent into The CHANGE, Jimmy’s participation also brings attention to the series. He’s a bona fide star whose participation sheds light on many other stars in their fields for the betterment of us all!

Get your copy of The CHANGE (vol. 16.) on Amazon here:

Beacon Publishing Group Releases “Finding Lien” By R. Bruce Logan In Audiobook Format


Beacon Publishing Group has just released “Finding Lien” by author R. Bruce Logan and narrated by Jason Burkhead in audiobook format. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

Lien, an innocent village girl in Vietnam, is missing. Her father, Ngoc, is desperate and with help from a young Australian volunteer overcomes his years of reluctance and writes a letter to his father, a retired American army officer.

Ngoc’s letter shocks Peter Trutch. Torn between his sense of honor toward this unknown son and his contentedly pleasant life in Seattle with his devoted wife, Catherine, he hurls himself into his past and back to a country and memories that he had left behind 40 years earlier.

Lien is sold to a brothel in Cambodia, and in his frantic search for her, Trutch confronts not only his past but a seedy, corrupt world where bad cops, pimps, and the destitute clash with courageous international prevention workers and a few honest officials.

Along with Trutch, the listener will be outraged at the worldwide plague of sex trafficking.

Download your copy of “Finding Lien” written by author R. Bruce Logan and narrated by Jason Burkhead on Audible in the United States here:

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“Down From Beast Mountain” By Gerry Griffiths


Just released: “Down From Beast Mountain” written by author Gerry Griffiths and narrated by Rick Barr in audiobook format. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

A beast with a grudge has come down from the mountain to terrorize the townsfolk of Porterville.

The once sleepy town is suddenly wide awake. Sheriff Abel McGuire and game warden Grant Tanner frantically investigate one brutal slaying after another as they follow the blood trail they hope will eventually lead to the monstrous killer.

But they better hurry and stop the carnage before the census taker has to come out and change the population sign on the edge of town to ZERO.

Gerry Griffiths enjoys writing horror, adventure thrillers, and speculative fiction. He has earned honorable mentions from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Writer’s Digest. Five of the short stories in his collection, “Creatures,” were recognized in the 77th and 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competitions. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Download your copy of “Down From Beast Mountain” written by author Gerry Griffiths and narrated by Rick Barr on Amazon/Audible in the United States here:

“Changing Shoes” By Actress Tina Sloan Now in Audiobook Format


Now available, “Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old-with Style, Humor, and Grace”, written and narrated by actress Tina Sloan in audiobook format. Available worldwide, download your copy today!

After 26 years starring as nurse Lillian Raines on the hit soap opera Guiding Light, Tina Sloan knows a thing or two about surviving the pitfalls of growing older in front of the world. From depleted storylines, to transitioning from sizzling screen diva to a mature grandmother, Changing Shoes shows that even TV grandmothers can have style and flair. Drawing from the lessons she has learned in her own life, Tina candidly shares her endearing, sensitive, and often funny story of crossing into her next phase of her life. And, in doing so, she offers important tips on how to embrace womanhood with ease.

Tina Sloan, speaker, author, actress, wife, and mother is best known for her 26-year role on CBS’s soap Guiding Light and as author of “Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace” based on her autobiographical one-woman show. Tina tours the country both as a speaker and actress, and blogs occasionally at the Huffington Post.

Tina has appeared on “Law & Order: SVU”, “Third Watch” and in numerous films including in Woody Allen’s “Celebrity” and “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion”, “The Brave One” with Jodi Foster, “Changing Lanes” with Ben Affleck, “The Guru” with Marisa Tomei, “People I Know” with Al Pacino and “Black Swan” with Natalie Portman. Tina is featured in three new web series: “Venice The Series”, “Empire The Series” and “Beacon Hill” as well as recently released movies: “Oh My Love”, and “Happy New Year.”

Tina has been married for 38 years. She and her husband have a son who was stationed in Iraq as a Marine after graduating from Harvard. Happily he is safely back, has graduated from Harvard Business School, just got married, and now lives in Baltimore, MD… so she can breathe again.

Download your copy of “”Changing Shoes: Getting Older -Not Old- with Style, Humor, and Grace,” written and narrated by Tina Sloan and in audiobook format on Audible here:

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“Blacke” By Author Reagan Rothe


Why would he deliberately publish novel after novel? Why when he knew someone close to him would suffer? Or did he know? Did he truly understand the demons that stir inside him?

When Mr. Blacke speaks…people listen. He is one of the greatest authors of our time, spinning webs of witty words and fascinating tales. But with a dire consequence. And when he finally elects to hermit himself from the outer world, a case of writer’s block strikes. This forces Mr. Blacke to return to civilization, seeking the inspiration needed to finish his latest masterpiece, All Roads Lead to Damascus. But what he finds is more than he bargains for – a muse worthy of loving. And if history is said to repeat itself, what lies ahead….

Download your copy of “Blacke” written by author Reagan Rothe and narrated by Jamie Cutler on Amazon/Audible in the United States here:

“At Death’s Door: End of Life Stories from the Bedside” by Gini Graham Scott and Sebastian Sepulveda MD


“At Death’s Door: End of Life Stories from the Bedside” tells the powerful story of Sebastian Sepulveda’s experiences in working with patients at the end of their lives. In some cases, death came quickly, after the patient was first diagnosed with a terminal condition and entered the hospital. In other cases, patients had a long, progressive illness that got increasingly worse over the months or years until they were in their final days. In some cases, patients were able to fight off death for many years. Hard decisions are often made – whether to resuscitate or not, whether to choose hospice or not, who makes the decisions when a patient cannot, and whose decision to follow when several family members are involved in decision making. Written from the perspective of a medical doctor from years of experience, this personal approach to the end of life explores the many options available to patients and their families and reveals how real people have come to those decisions, and how they play out. With insight and sensitivity, Sepulveda offers families an important window into how life can end with compassion, care, control, and dignity.

“At Death’s Door” features over 50 stories drawn from Sepulveda’s experience as a doctor dealing with these patients and families. As states debate the legality of assisted suicide and other end-of-life rights, real people make real decisions every day regarding end of life. Their stories come to life here, and listeners with similar concerns will find relief, comfort, and company as they face these decisions themselves.

Download your copy of “At Death’s Door: End of Life Stories from the Bedside” written by Gini Graham Scott and Sebastian Sepulveda MD with narration by Marlin May on Amazon/Audible in the United States here:

“Self-Surrender: Ten Ways to Suffer Well in Union with God and the Rhineland Mystics” Written By Dewey J. Bjorkman with foreward by FR. James Kurzynski


Self-Surrender shows how a theology emerges out of the Rhineland-Flemish spirituality of (Rhineland mystics) Meister Eckhart, Johannes Tauler, Henry Suso, the Frankfurt Priest, and John Ruusbroec that shines life-giving light on the mystery of suffering. From the books and sermons of these pastors, Bjorkman developed Ten Ways to Suffer Well in Union with God: surrender, pray, yield, imitate, co-suffer, participate, love, accept, empathize, and unite, which flesh out the meaning and significance of suffering in new and edifying ways.

Download your copy of “Self-Surrender: Ten Ways to Suffer Well in Union with God and the Rhineland Mystics” written by author Dewey J. Bjorkman with foreward by FR. James Kurzynski, STL and narrated by Sean Lenhart on Amazon/Audible in the United States here:

“North Sea Hunters” By Brad Harmer-Barnes


Jaws meets Das Boot! In the dead of night the U-616 – a Type VIIB U-boat patrolling the British mainland in the early years of World War II – rescues a solitary survivor from a sunken ship. His story is so outlandish as to be unbelievable: a colossal shark – far too large even to be a great white – hunting them for days before savaging straight through their hull and sinking them down into the ocean.

Captain August Krauser is skeptical of the man’s story, but as the U-616 continues its patrol, he is forced to admit that the danger lurking in the water is very real. Something impossibly large and ancient follows the submarine, bringing the two greatest hunters the North Sea has ever seen into an explosive confrontation.

Download your copy of “North Sea Hunters” written by author Brad Harmer-Barnes and narrated by Marlin May on Amazon/Audible in the United States here:

“Terror In The Mist” By Author C.G. Mosley


The island in the mist is no longer a secret. Despite Jonathon William’s best efforts to keep it safe and hidden away, the city of New Orleans becomes the first victim of a dinosaur attack. In the aftermath, a secret department of the United States military, led by the mysterious Mr. Cold, invade the island and begin a program to weaponize the prehistoric animals. Jonathon does his best to warn Cold of the dangers related to such an endeavor, but his warning is ignored.

Jonathon goes on living his life with Lucy, and their daughter Lily, while Mr. Cold recruits survivors Glenn Hardcastle and Dr. Charlotte Nelson to help him reach his goal of weaponizing the dinosaurs. Two years later, incredible circumstances again force Jonathon back to the island, but this time he’s joined by a team of mercenaries. Their mission was supposed to be a simple rescue and recovery, but as usual, nothing on the island is simple.

Once again, the carnivorous dinosaurs inflict a significant amount of carnage and death, but this time the island itself seems to fight back as well. With death and destruction seemingly breathing down his neck, paleontologist Jonathon Williams is suddenly faced with his greatest challenge yet! The island has essentially become a ticking time bomb…. Will he escape before it’s too late?

“Terror in the Mist” is the exciting conclusion to the “Island in the Mist” trilogy!

Download your copy of “Terror In The Mist: Island In The Mist, Book 3” written by author C.G. Mosley and narrated by Robert Keesecker on Amazon/Audible in the United States here: